Subject clusters overview

Our streams provide specialist paths of study in an interdisciplinary context. Alongside these streams, we have developed subject 'clusters'. These clusters bring together subjects with related learning outcomes that can help you navigate the many electives available in this program. You might use the clusters to help you:

  • Identify subjects that will help you develop specific professional skills
  • Identify subjects that will help you build knowledge in an area that is not the focus of any stream.

Some things to consider

  • The role of clusters is to help you navigate through a wealth of subjects that would potentially enhance your degree, depending on the knowledge and skills you seek.
  • The subject clusters do not contain all the subjects in our program - they simply highlight particular skills sets or themes. To see a broader list of subjects available, refer to the Handbook.
  • We have provided some guidance on subject selection within the different clusters, including advice on 'starting points', avoiding overlap, and prerequisites.

What is the difference between professional skills clusters and knowledge theme clusters?

The professional skills clusters highlight subjects that will assist you to develop particular general knowledge and skills that are important to across a number of environmental professions. The knowledge theme clusters highlight groups of subjects that might help you develop specialist knowledge of a particular area (usually not the focus of any stream). These might be particularly helpful to students taking the tailored specialisation.

Do I have to take subjects from a specific cluster?

No, these are just suggestions on how to develop your professional skills and/or focus in an area of particular interest. You may choose not to take subjects from any cluster and instead develop your own custom study plan in consultation with an academic advisor.

I am taking a stream. Can I do any of the subjects listed here?

Because the clusters are new to our course planning process, you won't find them listed in this format in the Handbook, and the subjects listed in clusters may not be available in your stream. However, stream coordinators are keen to learn how the subject clusters can assist students in their stream. If you are interested in subjects in a particular cluster, but those subjects are not listed in your stream, talk with your stream coordinator about whether they might be suitable for you.

Professional Skills Clusters Knowledge Theme Clusters