Waste Management

Waste is more than what people throw in the bin. There are numerous waste streams that can have a damaging environmental impact.

Coordinator: Associate Professor Lu Aye


Waste is more than just what people throw in the bin. There are air-borne emissions, liquid wastes that impact on water supplies as well as the complex waste streams produced by industry that can have toxic impacts on the environment.

Waste Management is concerned with the management of various waste streams. This specialisation focuses on waste avoidance and minimisation, best environmental practice and provides the tools for sound decision making at the design and implementation phases of waste management projects.

  • Designed for

    Students with an undergraduate degree in another discipline as a way to gain investigative and management skills as part of an engineering education, or those wanting to develop theoretical and practical skills for working in environmental control authorities, industry and elsewhere.

  • Example Career outcomes
    • Environmental control officer
    • Project manager
    • Environmental Policy developer
    • Environmental planner
    • Environmental Educator

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Study plan (200 point pathway)

Year 1

Semester 1

Sustainability Governance and Leadership

Environmental Economics and Strategy

Environmental Policy

Water and Waste Water Management

Semester 2

Environmental Systems

Monitoring Environmental Impacts

Solid Wastes to Sustainable Resources

Environmental Risk Assessment

Year 2

Semester 1

Statistics for Research Workers

Environmental Chemistry

Project Management and Design

Environmental Impact Assessment

Semester 2

Interdisciplinarity and the Environment

Environmental Management

Research project

Environmental Law

Joshua Sam
Joshua Sam,
Waste Management Division,
PNG National Capital
District Commission

"I was promoted to Manager of the Waste Management Division immediately upon my return to Papua New Guinea because of the successful completion of my studies. Since I did a specialist course in Waste Management, the decision to appoint me was easily taken by management."