Governance, Policy and Markets

Effectively communicating positive change through regulation, better governance and the media is critical in shaping our environmental future.

Coordinator: Associate Professor Ben Neville


Who drives the laws that determine our environmental future? And how can positive change be effectively communicated, or policy influenced through regulation, better governance and the media?

The development and marketing of environmental policy is vitally important in effecting changes in government, corporate bodies, and across the environmental sector. Governance, Policy and Markets looks at existing national and international legal and political frameworks relevant to the environment, enhances your skills in policy-making, business management and marketing, and gives you the tools to incorporate these skills and work systems in the workplace.

  • Designed for

    Professionals engaged in helping organisations develop economically viable environmental agendas and communicating these effectively to the public, or for those wishing to enter this sector. Students with a background in policy and law may be particularly suited to this specialisation but it is also an opportunity for students from other backgrounds to develop skills in this area.

  • Career outcomes

    Graduates of this stream can expect to find employment in a wide range of organisations such as government authorities and environmental consulting companies, assisting them in development, ongoing management, the marketing of change in environmental agendas and the identification of opportunities that result from environmental initiatives.

    Example roles:

    • Policy Advisor
    • Project Officer
    • Environmental Consultant
    • Research Assistant

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Example study plan (200 point program)

Year 1

Semester 1

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Impact Assessment

Sustainability and Behaviour Change

Contemporary Social Problems

Semester 2

Social Entrepreneurship

Environmental Policy

Environmental Law

Social Impact Assessment and Evaluation

Year 2

Semester 1

Foundations of Spatial Information

Business and Government

Political Ecology of Development

Urban Environmental Policy and Planning

Semester 2

Partnerships for  Sustainable Futures

Community Natural Resource Management

International Internship

Hill, Oliver
Oliver Hill
Master of Environment 2016

"I began the Masters of Environment program to transition into an area of study which is increasingly important for the future of our natural and built environments. How people interact with each other and the planet which we rely upon shapes modern governance and policy, which has been the focus of my studies. This in turn has led me to pursue the numerous extra curriculur lectures, hackathons and events supported by the University of Melbourne, culminating in the leadership of the Postgraduate Environment Network."