Education and Social Change

Creating sustainable societies depends on fostering social change.

Coordinator: Dr Maurizio Toscano


The creation of sustainable societies depends on fostering social change, whether through education, organisational and policy change or changes to individual behaviour.

The Education specialisation develops knowledge and skills in education and change processes, enabling graduates to become agents of change within their organisations, communities and institutions, and to foster these skills in others.

Students will develop knowledge of historical, philosophical, socio-cultural and psychological influences on environmental decision making and action.

  • Designed for

    Students and professionals from a range of backgrounds interested in developing skills for social transformation towards sustainability, drawing on studies in community organisation, project management, conflict resolution and communication.

  • Example Career Outcomes

    Students can expect to find employment in positions related to education and social change, such as environmental training officer positions in corporations, government agencies, in consulting companies, in teaching and in development agencies.

    Example roles:

    • Education Officer
    • Community Program Coordinator
    • Environmental Educator

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Example study plan (200 point program)

Year 1

Semester 1

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Education

Social Research Methods

The Politics of Food

Semester 2

Leading the Educational Organisation

Cultural Materials Conservation Science

Consumerism and the Growth Economy

Community Natural Resource Management

Year 2

Semester 1

Climate Affairs

Sustainability and Behaviour Change

Environmental Research Project

Semester 2

Partnerships for Sustainable Futures

Social Impact Assessment and Evaluation