Climate Change

Arguably the biggest environmental challenge facing the globe, climate change mitigation and adaptation require a multidisciplinary understanding of the issues affecting the climate.

Coordinator: Associate Professor Stefan Arndt


Climate change mitigation and adaptation are increasingly being integrated into business management, government policy and technology design, requiring expertise in a range of fields including international conventions, strategic government and business policy, climate science, energy technology, economic analysis and management.

Effective solutions therefore require a new generation of policymakers, managers and scientists equipped with a multidisciplinary understanding of climate change issues.

  • Designed for

    Students with a wide range of academic backgrounds seeking an interdisciplinary perspective on climate change.

  • Example Career outcomes
    • Governance Officer
    • Policy Officer
    • Environmental consultant
    • Business sustainability advisor

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Example study plan (200 point program)

Year 1

Semester 1

Sustainability Governance and Leadership

Climate Change Law

Climate Affairs

Environmental Impact Assessment

Semester 2

Environmental Policy

Social Impact Assessment

Climate Change Agricultural Impacts and Assessment

Consumerism and the Growth Economy

Year 2

Semester 1

Political Ecology of Development

Risk Management and Public Participation

Social Research Methods

Environmental Research Project

Semester 2

Interdisciplinarity and the Environment

China Field Class

Environmental Research Project

Mauricio Luna
Mauricio Luna Rodriguez,
Governance Officer,
International Union
for Conservation of Nature,
Costa Rica

“I chose the climate change specialisation because adaptation to climate change is one of the most critical environmental challenges for local communities. Since climate change is a multidisciplinary issue, I was looking for a Masters course that would offer me the flexibility to gain knowledge from a diverse range of disciplines. Shortly after graduating, I secured a job with IUCN working on a project to strengthen climate change governance frameworks in the Mesoamerican region.”