Randi Julian Miranda

Randi studies in the Development stream helped him build foundational knowledge that he now brings to his role as the Founder and CEO of his own social enterprise company.

"Studying at the OEP helped me so much in understanding different theories and frameworks that can be applied or adapted into my current organization and roles as a CEO. For instance, I gained in-depth understanding a vast range of theories in development, social impacts assessment, sustainable development frameworks, indigenous issues in development, gender discourses,  along with the challenges of each. Furthermore, my research project on “the equity in forest governance through an intersectionality framework” helped me significantly, both theoretically and practically, in running my social enterprise with the forest-dependent communities in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.

I am currently running my own company, Handep, a social enterprise in Central Kalimantan that works to empower indigenous women and small-scale farmers through eco-fashion and agricultural products. Handep aims to create a more locally-sensitive and sustainable economic development for rural community in Indonesia, particularly Kalimantan, by providing more locally appropriate and sustainable livelihoods for rural communities through added value creation of local forest and agricultural products. In other words, economic development that does not only focus on profit generation but factors in local wisdom, cultures and traditions, potentials of local natural and human resources, and ecological aspects.

My core responsibilities include creating ideas for products and services, executing business plans, collaborating with all directors, identifying the right marketing channels, fostering partnership and collaboration with related stakeholders especially like-minded businesses, and attending related industry events.

For the social dimension of the organization, I am responsible in designing project activities that are aligned with the organization's values and overarching goal, preparing work plan and stuffing for project activities, allocating resources and supplies for staffs and volunteers, supervising activity delivery, and overseeing budget to ensure financial accountability."