Lina Puerto

The skills and knowledge Lina developed in the Climate Change stream led to her current role as a Resilience Planner at AECOM.

"I currently work at AECOM, a key strategy partner for the 100 Resilient Cities program, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. My job as a Resilience Planner is to support the development of resilience strategies within the 100 Resilient Cities program in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and Puerto Rico by identifying and addressing the challenges and opportunities of each city. Additionally, I support the USAID PARA-Agua project in Colombia on the application of the UNISDR-AECOM-IBM Scorecard, a quantitative tool that provides a set of assessments to allow cities and regions understand how resilient they are to natural disasters and develop strategies to adapt to climate change.

Studying the Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne was crucial in attaining my current role because it helped me develop the skills to communicate effectively among the various disciplines that are involved in addressing climate change issues, which is necessary when it comes to designing the adequate strategies for low carbon and climate resilient development."