Carole Hammond

Carol's Master of Environment internship led directly to a position at Moonee Valley City Council.

"During my study in the Master of Environment I saw an opportunity through the Internship aspect and went for it. I took annual leave from my non-environmental day job, and did three weeks at Moonee Valley City Council. I was lucky enough to hit upon a great organisation. I was very targeted and determined in my approach. A few months later a job came up there that was highly desirable in the sector and I got it. A lot came down to knowing the people, the team, and the processes already.

I'm currently responsible for the Eco-Living program, which includes urban agriculture and sustainable gardening, sustainable homes, green infrastructure, which intersects with greenhouse and urban ecology. Working in the environment sector would still be a pipe dream if it weren't for the Master of Environment, but it also takes a lot of strategic planning on your behalf too.

One of the most worthwhile things I've done is graduate with my Master of Environment at Melbourne University. People know you've worked hard to achieve. You become part of the University's reputation. That's why it's so rewarding."

Since her position at Moonee Valley City Council, Carole has taken up the role of Team Leader: Climate Change and Environment at Strathbogie Shire Council.