Study Abroad & Exchange

The Melbourne Global Mobility Program is designed to encourage and support students to undertake part of their studies overseas. Students participating in the Melbourne Global Mobility Program receive credit and fulfil academic and practical work requirements for their degrees through approved programs all over the world.

Studying at an overseas university

The Graduate Environmental program supports to study at overseas universities. Options for study can be discussed with your academic advisor.

Information on study abroad and exchange opportunities can be found on the following website:

Melbourne Global Mobility: Outbound Students

Overseas students studying at Melbourne

The Office for Environmental Programs welcomes students from universities around the globe who want to study multidisciplinary environmental subjects at Melbourne.

The Melbourne Global Mobility website provides comprehensive information on coming to Melbourne for study abroad and exchange.

Melbourne Global Mobility: Inbound Students

Exchange partner institutions

The University of Melbourne has official student exchange agreements with a number of institutions around the world. Students from student exchange partner institutions are advised to contact their local exchange coordinator.

View the University’s list of exchange partner institutions on the Melbourne Global Mobility website:

Melbourne Global Mobility: Exchange Partners