Enrolment Troubleshooting

The OEP is here to help support your academic development, ensuring that you are part of the graduate environmental learning community and linking you up with relevant support services across the University.

Enrolment Variation Form

If you are unable to make a desired change to your study plan, the first step is to see if the Enrolment Variation Form addresses your situation. The Enrolment Variation Form can assist you in the following situations:

SituationRequired Supporting Documentation
Requisite Waiver (i.e. cannot enrol in a subject because it has prerequisites)
  • Email from the subject coordinator of the subject in which you want to enrol granting permission for you to take the subject without the prerequisites.
You need to change your stream
  • Email permission from the coordinator of the stream/specialization that you want to change into. When contacting the stream coordinator you should provide details of subjects studied and reasons for wanting to change stream
You want to add a subject that is outside your stream that is on the OEP master subject list
  • Email permission from the stream/specialization coordinator and, unless the subject is an intensive commencing later than August, email permission from the subject coordinator (as it is past the date to self enrol)
You want to add a subject that is outside your stream that is not on the OEP master subject list
  • Email permission from the stream/specialisation coordinator and the coordinator of the subject
You want to be exempted from a compulsory subject
  • Email permission from the stream/specialisation coordinator. When contacting the stream/specialisation coordinator, you should include evidence of having covered the material
You wish to overload your enrolment (i.e. enrol in more points than available for the study period)
  • Email permission from your course coordinator
It is past the last date to self-enrol online
  • Explanation required. You will need to provide a case as to why you should be enrolled in this subject, plus permission from the coordinator.

Academic support

Lyn and Adele at the OEP are able to assist you with enrolment inquiries.

Our academics are also available to meet with you when you first start studying with us and at designated times throughout the semester. They can help you with course planning and with any academic-related issues you may encounter during your study. Information on booking an appointment can be found on our course planning website.

Other areas of concern and where to go for assisstance

A subject that you want to do is full or there are no available classes.
(Note: For major clashes that seriously affect your study plan, you need to meet or email an OEP Academic Advisor.)
Submit a request through the Class Registration Enquiry Management system
Questions about a change on your study planFill in the Enrolment Variation Form
Applications for Advanced StandingComplete the Advanced Standing online form, attaching all relevant documentation
Questions about Global MobilityRefer to Melbourne Global Mobilitiy. If you cannot find the information you're looking for, contact the OEP
Letters for your scholarship body (e.g. Senecyt, BECAS)Contact query-environment@unimelb.edu.au
Letters for CentrelinkContact query-environment@unimelb.edu.au

Additional help

The Enrolment Variation Form covers many enrolment issues. However, if there is still something you need to discuss in more detail please email query-environment@unimelb.edu.au or visit STOP 1 at the corner of Grattan Street and Swanston Street. You can also chat with STOP 1 at https://ask.unimelb.edu.au/app/ask.