Learn more about scholarships and awards for international and domestic students.

Melbourne Scholarships aims to reward outstanding previous academic achievement and provide access for students who might otherwise be prevented from undertaking graduate study.

The Office for Environmental Programs also offers Scholarships and awards for current students. You can find this information on our Current Student Scholarships webpage.

Domestic students:

For full details of all domestic undergraduate and graduate scholarships, please visit the Melbourne Scholarships website

Additional scholarship opportunities may also be available through independent philanthropic organisations, federal Government agencies, graduate schools and residential colleges.

International students:

Key scholarships offered by the University do not require a separate application; students are automatically considered upon receipt of a place. Other opportunities are initiated with an application.

You can investigate scholarship opportunities offered by the University for international students on the Future Students website.

Please be aware that scholarships at the University of Melbourne are very competitive for international students and we would encourage you to investigate alternative sources of funding in addition to scholarships offered at the University.

The most common sources of alternative funding are home government and Australian Government scholarships. Companies, home universities, professional organisations and charities such as Rotary also provide many scholarships.

Citizens of selected countries may be eligible for an Australia Award Scholarship from the Australian Government.

You can also refer to the following links for information on scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate international students in Australia: