Weston Lewis

After studying in the Energy Efficiency and Modelling stream, Weston Lewis became a Sustainability Consultant for HIP V. Hype Sustainability in Melbourne.

"The multidisciplinary approach allowed me to have access all departments and the vast resources associated them vs. one discipline approach. This was important moving into a career as a Sustainability Consultant because you rarely deal in only one discipline. Take for example, I was able to develop critical thinking skills for complex problems like an engineer, but also understand the importance of design and how buildings are used from an architecture perspective to assist in creating beautiful and thriving communities.

The focus of my subjects was on building energy efficiency and renewable energy. I was able to include an internship with the Green Building Council of Australia and complete a 25pt thesis. One of the most impactful subjects was a field study in Lao and Vietnam which allowed me to experience firsthand the challenges with sustainability in developing nations and the human aspect that can be easily overlooked when focusing solely on environmental impacts."