Roni Levy

Roni's interdiscplinary studies in the OEP led to her current work across two different social enterprises, one a tourism tech start-up and the other a production house showcasing global changemakers in sustainable development.

"The OEP gave me a broader and deeper understanding on issues around social enterprises in developing settings, specifically ones that are tackling environmental challenges. When operating in international contexts, it’s crucial to retain a reflective and critical outlook on these complicated issues in order to avoid past mistakes and minimize negative impacts. Both the theoretical and critical tools I’ve gained during my Masters as well as the practical experience my internship provided have been extremely valuable in my current work. I find myself applying many of the insights I developed in my time at the OEP in my work, with therotical frameworks such as political ecology and development theories being the most useful and relevant.

I’m currently working for two social enterprises in business development and partnerships roles: ‘Seek Sophie’ is a sustainable and responsible tourism tech start-up and ‘NYADO’ is a production house that uses music and visual arts to expose the work of incredible global changemakers in sustainable development and amplify their impact. I began working with Seek Sophie just after graduation and with NYADO for the last 1.5 years from the start-up development stages.

I would highly recommend to anyone to join the OEP and what is has to offer. Keep in mind that a lot of what you will receive from this experience depends on you, your proactivity and your ability to identify what you want to get out of it. Use the tools and guidance the OEP offers, the fantastic community around you and the countless opportunities to expand yourself and your skillset – and you are promised to have a valuable and meaningful journey."