Internships are a great opportunity to gain and develop professional skills in a real-life work environment, supported by a dedicated workplace and academic supervisor.

They give you practical experience which can enhance your employment opportunities, provide the chance to network within the industry, and make you more employable in the job market. Many of our students have undertaken internships on Australia and overseas, some of which have led directly to jobs with the company.

Internship subjects are unlike most other subjects at the University of Melbourne because the internship placement takes time to organise. We recommend that you discuss taking an internship with your course advisor during course planning and to make contact with the Internship Consultant in the relevant Faculty. There are several internship subjects offered, depending on your interest area.



Examples of OEP internship organisations for this subject


FRST90035 Forest Internship Project

Year long, starts Semester 1. Taught online/distance


Subject coordinator:
Prof Gerd Bossinger
Internship coordinator:
Contact:Academic Engagement Team

SCIE90017 Science & Technology Internship

12.5 points Summer, Semester 1, Semester 2

City of Melbourne, Practical Ecology, Yarra Energy Foundation, Parks Victoria, DELWP

Subject coordinator:
Prof Janet Hergt
Contact:Academic Engagement Team

DEVT90008 International Internship in Development

25 points, 12.5 credit points January, Semester 1, Semester 2

Malaysian Zoo, Kuala Lumpur, UN, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, UN Habitat, Phnom Penh, UNEP, New York, UNESCAP, Bangkok, 1Malaysia Development Berhad, Kuala Lumpur

Subject coordinator:
Violeta Schubert

DEVT90002 Internship in Development

12.5 points January, Semester 1, Semester 2.

EPA, DEPI, Syrinx Environmental. Inner Melbourne Action plan, ACF, City of Melbourne (renewable energy),Sustainable Table, Green building council of Australia

Subject coordinator:
Violeta Schubert

GEOG90022 International Internship in Environment

25 points Summer, Semester 1, Semester 2.

Northern Policy Institute, Environment Monitoring Station (Tianjin), Worldfish, Ministry of Development, Brunei, Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, Shenhzen Water Planning and Design Institute.

Academic Engagement Team

AGRI90076 Industry Internship

12.5 points Summer, Semester 1, Semester 2.


Subject Coordinator:
Ms Ros Gall


Carol Hammond
Carole Hammond,
Senior Sustainability Officer
at Moonee Valley City Council

"During my study in the Master of Environment I saw an opportunity through the Internship aspect and went for it. I took annual leave from my non-environmental day job, and did three weeks at Moonee Valley City Council. I was lucky enough to hit upon a great organization. I was very targeted and determined in my approach. A few months later a job came up there that was highly desirable in the sector and I got it. A lot came down to knowing the people, the team, and the processes already.

I’m currently responsible for the Eco-Living program, which includes urban agriculture and sustainable gardening, sustainable homes, green infrastructure, which intersects with greenhouse and urban ecology. Working in the environment sector would still be a pipe dream if it weren’t for the Master of Environment, but it also takes a lot of strategic planning on your own behalf too.

One of the most worthwhile things I’ve done is graduate with my Master of Environment at Melbourne University People know you’ve worked hard to achieve. You become part of the University’s reputation. That’s why it’s so rewarding."