Law Subjects

Law subjects

If you are considering undertaking law subjects, and do not have a background in law or legal studies, we highly recommend you first undertake LAWS70068 Environmental Law. This subject is specifically designed for OEP students and provides an excellent beginning to those interested in Environmental Law.
(Note that permission from your specialisation coordinator is required if the subject is not on the list of specialisation electives).

Students can self-enrol in subjects made available to OEP students by Melbourne Law School listed below. It is also advisable to check with the Subject Coordinator to see if you have the relevant background for the subject.

Melbourne Law School maintains a student quota for all its Environmental Law subjects (and facilitates early enrolment in its subjects for graduate law program students), therefore students are advised to enrol early.

Before applying to enrol in Melbourne Law School subjects students should be aware that Melbourne Law School requires all enrolled students to attend at least 75% of classes. This is a hurdle requirement for satisfactory completion of the subject.

Please note that OEP students may enrol without an application form in the following subjects: