Extensions and Special Consideration

Students may find that circumstances prevent them from meeting their academic responsibilities. Extensions and/or special consideration may be granted to you where:

  • Exceptional or extenuating circumstances outside of your control that have a demonstrated impact on your ability to meet your academic requirements. This could be a one-off situation or ongoing circumstances.
  • Events or circumstances of national or state significance within cultural, sporting, military, emergency service or legal domains require your participation.

Assessment extensions

For OEP Subjects, students can apply or extensions for up to 10 days, by contacting their Subject Coordinator directly, as per the University policy.

You should include the following:

  • Your full name and student number,
  • Which assignment you need an extension for,
  • How many business days you are apply for an extension for (maximum of 10),
  • The reason for your extension request,
  • Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation

You will need to supply a third party or independently verified document, such as a letter from a relevant authority, to verify your circumstances and address the impact of these circumstances on your assessment tasks. Appropriate documentation could include:

  • A doctor's certificate
  • A police report
  • A death certificate or notice
  • A letter from your religious leader

For subjects run by other departments, schools and faculties, information regarding applying for extensions can be found on ask.unimelb.

Special consideration

For extensions beyond 10 business days, or for consideration in regards to examinations, students are required to apply for Special Consideration.

Ongoing circumstances

If your circumstances are ongoing, you may be considered for ongoing support.

Possible outcomes of special consideration

Outcomes may include, but are not limited to:

Students will not receive a mark adjustment as an outcome of a special consideration application.

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