Welcome to the Graduate Environmental Program. You are joining a passionate engaged learning community of scholars form all kinds of academic backgrounds and all around the globe.

Our program is professional and interdisciplinary, designed for future leaders in environment and sustainability fields. Graduates are ‘T-shaped’ professionals – individuals with wide knowledge of environmental issues and comprehensive literacy in sustainability topics, and deep skills in their areas of specialisation, which can include climate change and development, biophysical science, energy efficiency and modelling, and education and social change.

Beyond this, graduates of the program have extensive engagement with industry, government, and private enterprise, through interactive seminars, work-integrated internships, applied research projects with partner organisations, and numerous networking events and opportunities.

The program is presented and constantly refined in collaboration with our Community and Industry Advisory Board, who provide practical and immediate insights into current workforce trends and needs, and facilitate student interaction with their organisations and professional communities.

Our graduates go on to do amazing things…
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