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About Us

Based at Australia's best-ranked University, the OEP offers our country's leading professional environmental graduate degree. We have over 15 years of teaching excellence and our students have access to over 200 subject options from across 12 Faculties. Almost 1500 people have graduated from the program and they are highly sought after by employers with 89% in employment post graduation. The world-leading teaching and research excellence of The University of Melbourne combined with a global alumni network makes the OEP the right choice for advancing your career in Environmental Sustainability.

Professional and interdisciplinary, our program is designed for future leaders in environment and sustainability fields. Graduates possess wide knowledge of environmental issues and comprehensive literacy in sustainability topics, along with deep skills in their areas of specialisation, which can include, for example, climate change, development, biophysical science, energy efficiency and modelling, and education and social change.

Academic Staff

Our academic teaching team use innovative approaches to integrate the experiences of industry, local government and not-for-profit representatives into the classroom by running panel discussions and hypothetical discussions – an opportunity to connect with experts in the sustainability and environment space.  Academics also provide leadership in a number of key sustainability forums such as the Sustainability Executive, and continually engage with industry and local government via research project supervision and collaborative projects.

Meet our academic staff

Our Community and Industry Advisory Board (CIAB)

We are supported by a highly experienced Community and Industry Advisory Board (CIAB), comprised of representatives from industry, local government and not-for-profit sectors. Several of the board members are OEP alumni. The CIAB offers practical and immediate insights into current workforce trends and needs, as well as facilitating student interaction with their organisations and professional communities.

CIAB members