Andres Montalvo

Andres Montalvo

Master of Environment
Country: Ecuador

It is my belief that an intrinsic relationship between humans and nature exists. This connection has somehow been lost with the upcoming of new technology and other matters and I think that this Masters program will provide me with the understanding and resources to tackle this issue. This knowledge will equip me with skills to improve the link we have with the planet that will ultimately lead us to a better future and the only place I think can guide me to this goal is definitely the University of Melbourne.

I was granted a scholarship from the Government of Australia (AUSAID) because I think I was able to show an honest and deep spirit of change in some things that are being done now in a not very conscious manner. I was awarded the scholarship because I believe I can see there is hope for the future of our generations. This is our time, now, we have to make a change in the way we do things, a better way and education is the best influence and resource to achieve this change. Perhaps we should improve our way of living not just because we owe it to our children but because we owe it to our ancestors, we have what we have because of them. Looking at the future with even taking a glance to the past would be like not learning anything from our mistakes and at the end we are what we are because of what we were.

At the moment I enjoy going to the gym and pool at the campus. I also enjoy music, reading, hanging out, movies, culture, arts and the University of Melbourne is just so incredible in this area that you feel like you do not have enough time to do so many interesting and cool things. But I also keep up in this matter, life is one, so I live it right. Having the chance to enjoy the cornucopia of activities that the university provides is a plus and a must.

“There are innumerable aspects that I enjoy by studying at the University of Melbourne that range from the University itself to the city as a metropolis. From the cultural aspects to the technological ones as from the environmental to the social and more.”