Cross Institutional Study

  • Outgoing (studying at another institution)

    It is possible to take subjects from other institutions of equivalent standing for the purpose of credit transfer towards your University of Melbourne degree. Permission may be granted provided that you have a sound academic record and the following conditions are met:

    • Students must have a valid reason for applying for cross-institutional study. For example, you are required to relocate for professional commitments or personal reasons or you wish to study a relevant subject that is not offered at the University of Melbourne.
    • If you are studying in the Melbourne metropolitan area you will not be permitted to study a subject on a cross-institutional basis if that subject is offered at the University of Melbourne;
    • If the host institution is in regional Victoria or interstate, you must have been required to relocate due to professional commitments or for personal reasons;
    • Subjects chosen must be of equivalent standard and weight to the subjects at the University of Melbourne;
    • Applications must be approved prior to commencement of study in the subject. Subjects completed at another University that have not been pre-approved will not be counted retrospectively towards the student's degree.

    A maximum of 25% of a Graduate Environmental Program degree and only those subjects meeting the above criteria may be credited toward the Graduate Environmental Program.

    Follow the process for applying for Cross Institutional study including application deadlines

    We also recommend that you make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss any cross institutional subjects that they wish to undertake.

  • Incoming (studying at Melbourne)

    Students enrolled in postgraduate degree programs offered at other institutions may also apply to undertake cross-institutional study through the Office for Environmental Programs for the following subjects:

    More information on how to apply .

    • Studying overseas

      Students in the Graduate Environmental Program are permitted to study at Universities overseas. There are two ways of doing this; on exchange, or as Study Abroad. Please visit Melbourne Global Mobility for further information.