Career Outcomes

“A Masters degree in Environment is a versatile qualification that is well regarded by a range of employers.”

Many graduates have already passed successfully through the program, and are making a difference in their homes, communities and careers. They contribute through their knowledge, gained in Australia and other countries, in a range of exciting and meaningful careers.

Graduates of the program have the qualities to tackle pressing environmental issues in industry, government and the community and the inter-disciplinary perspective of our graduates is valued by high-profile employers.

Some examples* of careers include:
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Climate Change Adaptation Advisor
  • Environmental Assesor
  • Environmental/Sustainability Consultant
  • Environmental Designer
  • GIS/Information Management Officer
  • Waste Management manager
  • Environmental Investments
  • Outdoor Program Coordinator
  • Environmental Policy Officer
  • Researcher

*source: Graduate Destination Survey 2014

“URS Australia has benefited significantly by employing staff who have graduated from the Graduate Environmental Program. We find that students who complete a Masters of Environment are better able to adapt to working in the areas of environment, engineering and resource economics because they gain a better appreciation of environmental issues through training in diverse subjects that are normally covered in their degrees. They also interact with students from a wide range of disciplines and employment backgrounds and benefit from cross-fertilisation of ideas and experience" – David Ife, Senior Principal, URS

Our graduates

Graduate Environmental Program graduates enjoy rewarding and influential careers in a diverse range of areas, both in Australia and Internationally. The Graduate Environmental program also provides a range of enrichment and career development opportunities, including industry-based research projects, and networking opportunities with Environmental Professionals

Kirsten Mildura

“The Master of Environment gave me a diverse environmental knowledge base on which to draw on in a number of situations. A narrower education would not have provided the broader skill set necessary to thrive in a consulting career” – Kirsten Midura, Renewable Energy and Water Fellow at Green Empowerment