Course Planning

Welcome from Associate Professor Kath Williams

Welcome from the Environmental Programs Director, Associate Professor Kath Williams from OEP, University of Melbourne on Vimeo.

Step-byStep instructions on how to use the course planning form

With over 200 subjects and 12 streams to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. At the Office for Environmental Programs you will be closely guided through the process of selecting subjects, helping you develop a plan that fits with your academic background, interests and career objectives.

All new students attend an hour long course planning information session that guides you through the process of planning your study.

Before you finalise your study plan you will meet with one of our academic advisors - all specialists in multidisciplinary education – to discuss your subject selection. As you progress through the program, there are other opportunities for you to discuss subject selection with your advisor. They can also help you with planning a research project, deciding whether an internship or exchange is right for you and provide input into your subject choices.

If you need assistance with administrative matters such as adding or changing subjects, or registering for classes, You can make an appointment through the student advising system to meet with our student advisor.