Course Planning

Course planning for new students

At the Office for Environmental Programs you will be closely guided through the process of selecting subjects, helping you develop a plan that fits with your academic background, interests and career objectives.

After you have accepted your offer you will be given access to a Course Planning module on the LMS which helps you think through the process.

Before you finalise your study plan you will meet with one of our academic advisors - all specialists in multidisciplinary education – to discuss your subject selection. As you progress through the program, there are other opportunities for you to discuss subject selection with your advisor. They can also help you with planning a research project, deciding whether an internship or exchange is right for you and provide input into your subject choices.

Book an Advising Appointment (Admitted Students only)

Students joining the OEP in Semester 1, 2018 will receive an email in eary January with further details.

Academic advice, current students

Current students may also wish to see an OEP Academic Advisor during their study to discuss progress or other matters such as taking a research project.

To book an appointment with an Academic Advisor, please use the online Student Booking System and select Office for Environmental Programs>OEP Course Planning (CONTINUING STUDENT and the advisor you wish to see) . Please contact us if you have any issues with logging into the system or making an appointment.

Book an Advising Appointment (Current students)

Law subjects

Most law subjects require students to submit an application before enrolment is approved.  Please note that this is not required for the following subjects:

Assessment extensions

Students can apply or extensions for up to 10 days for OEP subjects, by contacting their Subject Coordinator directly, as per the University policy.

For subjects run by other departments, schools and faculties, information regarding applying for extensions can be found on ask.unimelb.

For extensions beyond 10 business days, or for consideration in regards to examinations, students are required to apply for Special Consideration.