Specialist Paths of Study (Streams)

Each stream offers a choice of compulsory subjects in addition to the GEP’s core subjects and are complemented by a wide range of Graduate Environmental Program postgraduate subjects.

Our Academic Advisors will help you develop a study plan that fit with your background and interests, and ensure that it fulfills the requirements of the University. There are several options available to students taking the 100 point or 200 point Master of Environment program.

Option 1: Design Your Own Course—The Tailored Program

In the tailored program you are required to complete the core subjects as well as complimentary subjects selected in discussion with your Academic Advisor from our subject list. This is a good option if you want to choose from a wider range of subjects, want to fill specific gaps in you knowledge or are interested in more than one stream.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your subject options, please contact us.

Option 2: Choose a Specialised Stream

Each of the streams is made up of subjects that have been selected to provide a depth of knowledge in a specific environmental area and will allow you to be instantly recognised as having knowledge in your field. Streams have additional compulsory subjects and a narrower list of electives. When choosing a stream you will be advised by an academic who is specialist in that area.

Specialisations (Streams)

The major fields of study are designed by experts in the field and are approved by the Graduate Environmental Program's academic and external advisors.

The majors are: