The Office for Environmental Programs, based at the Parkville Campus, Melbourne is responsible for the Graduate Environmental Program (GEP). The Office for Environmental Programs is a global leader in interdisciplinary graduate environmental education. Our graduates demonstrate academic excellence in diverse environmental specialisations, knowledge and skills for collaboration across disciplines, and lead change for sustainable futures around the world.

We are known for our:

  • flexible and challenging graduate program that fosters both depth and breadth of environmental knowledge; innovative teaching and learning practices to build skills in research and problem solving, envisioning sustainable futures, collaboration, integration and translation across disciplines;
  • personalised academic and professional advice, ensuring students are supported in meeting individual, career focussed learning objectives; and ;
  • partnerships with academic, community and industry groups globally that facilitate professionally relevant curriculum, internship and networking opportunities and cross-cultural exchange.

By choosing to study with us you will join a community of students from all over the world committed to broadening, deepening and sharing their knowledge to address complex environmental problems.

We are committed to four key values: Sustainability; disciplinary and inter-disciplinary excellence; a global-local outlook; and personalised support for our students.


  • Promote sustainable societies by fostering understanding, skills and values of a wide range of environmental professionals
  • Contribute to developing a culture of sustainability, particularly at the University of Melbourne by initiating and participating in campus sustainability projects and strategies, and by continuously improving Office practices
  • Promote opportunities for students to directly contribute to sustainability through internships, student projects, research projects, and community action

Disciplinary and Inter-Disciplinary Excellence

  • Provide cross-faculty learning opportunities that incorporate a wide range of disciplinary expertise
  • Provide challenging, high quality core interdisciplinary subjects which facilitate understanding and skills required for interdisciplinary practice in environmental sector
  • Ensure provision of coherent specialist fields of study that foster either or both disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise in key environmental areas
  • Promote innovative curriculum by facilitating subjects which explore emerging environmental issues

Global-Local Outlook

  • Provide a uniquely flexible and interdisciplinary program that leads directions in postgraduate interdisciplinary environmental education in an international context
  • Examine issues of sustainability in ways that explore relevance in both global context and diverse local contexts
  • Attract students from around the world and harness diverse perspectives in learning experiences for the benefit of all
  • Provide opportunities for students to undertake international exchange and internships

Personalised Support for Students

  • Provide expert academic course planning advice for in both tailored and specialist streams
  • Provide timely and accurate information for students regarding course requirements and University services
  • Encourage inclusive postgraduate student groups that complement university services
  • Ensure access to high quality learning support