Advisory Boards

Academic Advisory Committee

The Academic Advisory Board comprises representatives from Faculties teaching into the Graduate Environmental Program:


Prof. John McKenzie(Chair)
A. Prof. Simon Batterbury, Science
Dr. Dianne Mulcahy, Education
Dr. Dominique Hes, Architecture, Building, and Planning
A Prof. Graham A. Moore, Engineering
Prof. Lee Godden, Law
Prof. Michael Mccarthy, Science
Prof. Ruth Beilin, Science
Dr Melissa Russell, MDHS
Dr. Jasmin Hufschmid, Vet Science
Dr Leslie Martin, Melbourne Business School
Prof. Andrew Walter, Arts
A Prof. Kathryn Williams,OEP Director
Dr Sebastian Thomas, Academic Coordinator, OEP
Dr Stephanie Lavau, Academic Coordinator, OEP
Student Representatives: Mr Oliver Hill and Mr Tim Shue